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KaDazya Steverson talks motherhood, having the best of both worlds, and cooking

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KaDazya Steverson

mother, administrative assistant, blogger

Q:What is your name, and where are you from?

KaDazya (Daisy) Steverson, North Carolina

Q:How many children do you have, and how old are they?

2 Children, Carsyn- 4 ; Valor- 6 months 

Q:What’s it like having the best of both worlds—a daughter and a son?

It’s definitely a blessing ! Everyone’s go to is to have one girl one boy ! Safe to say I have my miracle dream team. I wouldn’t change the way they came for the world. 

Q:Which of your children is most like you, and in what ways?

I would have to go with my daughter because she’s 4 and I see a lot of qualities I have within her. She’s funny , a lot of people say I am but I don’t see it [Shrugs] she’s very stubborn [Another Shrug] lol. I grew out of it though but she definitely has that and my parents tell me all the time you see you huh. She’s loves dancing we have dance battles, sometimes just to see if I still got it but I let her win lol. 

Q:What do you love most about motherhood?

I love just begin able to hear someone call me mom , not 10000 times but I love the feeling that my body gets when I get to be a role model for someone so innocent that now follows me. 

Q:What has motherhood taught you? 

Motherhood has definitely taught me PATIENCE. Children are learning features and no two are alike. 

Q:What field of work are you in?

Administrative Assistant 

Q:How do you balance your profession, household and pleasures?

I don’t , they just happen naturally. I’m only a planner on the weekend. During the week we have structures that we follow but if it’s off we are still living. 

Q:How do you practice mommy self-care?

Mommy self care , what’s that ? A trip to Target ?? Well I try to do things when they are sleep, long showers, or a glass of wine but sometimes I just fall asleep. I need more mommy friends so I can go out and we all have same understanding. 

Q:What’s one piece of advice that you’d give to a mom to prevent “mommy burnout”?

I’d say stay in shape. They literally are a ball of energy. It helps when you wear them out so you can at least whine down with them. 

Q:You’re known for cooking amazing meals. What’s your top four toddler/kid friendly meals? 

Top four:

Jasmine Rice, Broccoli & cheese baked chicken 

Turkey Taco nights (I do little mini taco boats) she likes to stuff everything inside and it doesn’t fall apart 

Spaghetti and turkey meatballs (earths best- sold at target) 

Chicken Quesadilla, black beans and sour cream

Q:What are some of your favorite toddler/kid snacks to keep stashed?

The list could go on but my top snacks would have to be goldfish, pretzels, applesauce pouches and yogurt covered raisins 

Q:Any upcoming projects/businesses you’d like to share?

I am trying to start/finish a blog about my life fashion styles, food, and incorporate a mommy pop up workshop encouraging young moms that we too still matter. 

Q:How can people contact you? Any social media?

IG is more updated and the daily life of me and you can see my amazing children follow me @makeylaaa_xo send a message just letting me know how you found me, and I’ll add you.