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Kaviona Reaves talks being a first time mom, mommy must-haves and self care

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Kaviona Reaves

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Q:What is your name, and where are you from ?

My name is Kaviona Reaves and I am from Fort Washington, MD.

Q:How old is your son?

My son Raequan (RJ) is 3 months old.

Q:How does it feel being a first time mom?

Being a first time mom so far, is an awesome experience. It gives you a whole new outlook on life. I just love waking up seeing my baby’s big bright smile. It makes my day 1000 times better.

Q:What brings you the most joy being a mom?

RJ alone is a ball of joy! His little smile and giggle just lights up the entire room.  I love that I can experience all the new and exciting things he does everyday.

Q:What are some of your favorite baby products?

I absolutely love the Dove Baby wipes! They’re so convenient when we’re on the go. RJ can spit up or have a big “situation” and the wipes are lifesavers. The Dove wipes have the lightest scent and moisturize RJ’s skin. I love Huggies for diaper changes but a quick wipe off on the go, definitely Dove Baby Wipes. My son also has super sensitive skin so all Aveeno products as well.

Q:What are some of your “mommy must-haves”?

RJ can be a handful sometimes, he’s super spoiled. A “mommy must-have” for me is a baby swing. It allows me to do what I need to do around the house while keeping RJ occupied. It’s a lifesaver! As much as I love the baby swing, my favorite must-have is the Diaper Genie. Everyone knows diaper changes come with having babies but who’s really prepared for what comes with the diapers? The diaper genie is hands free and masks every smell you can think of.

Q:What’s one thing you absolutely cannot live without?

To be honest, I don’t think I can live without my phone. I have just about everything at my fingertips for RJ & I. I can listen to music, order food & clothes, read my bible and much more. RJ also loves music and watching his favorite show, The Color Crew. You can do so much with one little device.

Q:How do you balance mommy-hood and work?

I knew once I had RJ I wasn’t going back to my normal “9 to 5” job. I help manage and work my mothers catering business. I try to handle any business or calls while he’s asleep. My husband and I try to take turns with RJ for a while and give the other sometime alone. Everyday I learn how to balance work and mommy-hood. You just have to find a balance and schedule that best fits you and your family. 

Q:How do you practice mommy self-care?

Self-care is so important! I’ve burned out a few times to know this to be true. Being on “go” all the time isn’t good. Stop, and take a break for yourself. The shower is my place to pray, relax, think and restart. I also love a good nail salon trip as well as going to the gym. 

Q:Any upcoming business and/or projects we can look forward to?

Yes! I’m currently in the process of starting a small business called “Treat Bar.” I’ll be doing just about everything under the umbrella of desserts. I’m super excited about it. Stay tuned!

Q:Any tips you have for new moms?

The most important tip I can give is it’s okay to ask for help and take a break without your baby. We’re new mom’s and it’s not easy at all. Everyday is something new. You may have days that you feel overwhelmed, ask for help. Another tip I have is you can learn from others. Now everything may not work for you, but it’s always good to try. I love reading your blog! I come and check almost everyday for a new post. I love the experiences and new things that you try with Nasir and McKenzie. I plan on using everything I read to help with RJ. My family often gives me advice and most of the time it works.

Q:How can other moms contact you? Social media?

I currently don’t have any social media’s but I’m always free via email at


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