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Sam’s survival tips for the SAHM

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There’s no blueprint to parenting. Every household/family is different. I was just talking to my mom, and telling her how unpredictable being a parent is. Honestly speaking, sometimes I wing this whole motherhood thing lol. I really do, and it just so happens to work out. I make “it” happen. I don’t have the answers to everything but I have certain survival tips that I live by. They make being a stay at home mom a whole lot smoother. 

Here’s how I’m surviving:

Get the idea of perfection out of your head. It doesn’t exist. 

Connect with other moms. They get you.

Get out of the house. Even if only for 30 minutes. Take a walk, take the littles out, make a Target run, etc.

Stop pouring from an empty cup. It’s perfectly ok to put yourself first. 

Use social media in moderation. Learn to use it purposefully. 

Sleep. Rest. Relax. 

Stay organized. Have order in your home, schedule, routine, etc. 

Accept help. I’m learning this. Honestly, I still struggle with it but as my businesses are growing, the help is greatly appreciated. 

Be present. Enjoy the moments, big and small with your little love. 

Eat what you want(in moderation of course). You deserve a steak dinner…and a cheeseburger.

Say NO to everything/everybody that serves you no purpose, doesn’t make you feel good and brings you toxic energy.