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TWO the moon

Raising LittlesSamantha GordonComment

Wow! Mommies baby boy is 2! My heart can’t take it. You always hear moms of boys saying “it’s nothing like a mother-son bond”. They’re absolutely correct. The bond between boys and their mamas hit different. I absolutely love my daughter dearly, and the bond we share—no question about it, but my son and I share a bond that’s qualitatively different. Not only that—I went through my hardest battles when I was pregnant with Nasir, emotionally, physically and mentally. He heard every prayer and tear I cried. His life saved my life. Honestly, truly. I pray over him every single day. I pray that he will be the man of God, thats he’s called to be. I see it in him already. He’s the most selfless, sweetest, loving, affectionate(especially towards his mama), protective, funniest, fearless, adventuress little boy(which explains why he’s on go from the time he wakes up, to the time he passes out for bedtime). Lol. You guys know I love a “fun fact” list for all their milestones. So here it goes. 


favorite character is Buzz Lightyear

favorite movies are Turbo, Grinch & Ralph Breaks the Internet 

favorite thing to do is play with his cars & trucks

new hobby is to ride his scooter around the house 

favorite outdoor activity is to explore in the dirt, grass, bushes (drives mama crazy)

favorite thing at the playground are the slides

favorite sweets are chocolates & rice crispy treats 

favorite meal is chicken nuggets & fries

favorite snacks are grapes & gummy fruit snacks 

favorite cereal is fruit loops 

favorite animal is a dinosaur (he roars at everything lol)

favorite things to say are “no” and “mom”

most likely to be a musician, architect, and/or professional athlete when he grows up

favorite sport is basketball

into hats (hmmm mama may have to start him a hat line)

always laughing, smiling and joking!

Side note: Nasir’s birthday party was a success! This years theme was “Two the moon”. I live for a theme. Astronauts, moon rocks, stars and the moon. Everything was perfect. I am so sad that I didn’t get any great action pictures, but this picture explains the day. Nasir enjoyed his day. I let him eat all the sweets he wanted, he played on the moon bounce from 11am-6pm, he laughed and played with his family and friends all day.