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One tired mother

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If I’m being honest, some days are extremely overwhelming. In motherhood, you get no breaks or days off. Often, my schedule is crazy, my tasks seem to never end, my littles are cranky non-stop for no apparent reason at all, and my brain is in a million different places. Today, and the past few weeks, I’ve been right on the verge of a mommy burnout. Hence the reason why I’ve been away for a minute. I wear so many hats, I am so very thankful, but it does get exhausting at times. It’s taken me some time, but there are ways to prevent mommy burnout. Everything I’m about to share with you, I’ve practiced to get myself all the way together. 

How I’m surviving at-home motherhood: 

Say NO!

This is my favorite statement. It cancels out literally everything and/or everybody that’s not meaningful to you, what doesn’t serve you, what wastes your time and energy, etc. Don’t feel guilty when you say no. 

Make rest + sleep a top priority 

Truthfully, this is the hardest for me to practice. My work load has gotten heavier, and requires major detail, and projects/collabs are coming in left and right. Often I’ll stay up until 2-3am working on my businesses, get up at 5:30-6am and start my day. That clearly doesn’t balance out. A great nights sleep is vital. For our overall mood, health and well-being. I’m still working on this.

Be intentional about your decisions

Really trust your morals, principles and intuition. 

Avoid toxic habits + people

This will minimize your stress. Stress you don’t need. Negativity will weigh you down, shift your mood, effect your little ones, and effect your overall spirit. Detach yourself completely. 

Find your circle 

The well-wishers, supports, motivators, positive spirits, life-speakers, kind-soul type of people. Find others who you can relate to and confide in. They make life a bit easier.

Reflect on what you’ve already accomplished 

I have to often remind myself to stop and smell the flowers that I’ve planted, and they’ve blossomed. I’m always ready to plant the next seeds. That reflecting gives me a “feel good” moment. It actually motivates me even more. 

Stay hydrated 

Drink water, drink water, drink water! 

Eat good

A well fueled body will work, think and feel better. You’ll be energized for your day, mama. 

Do something for mama

Even if it’s the smallest gesture, do something for you. Schedule some alone time and treat yourself. You deserve it! 

Take a timeout shower

My new thing—while my littles are napping, I get in the shower and just let it all out, I pray nonstop. Like a prayer closet, but a prayer shower lol. It’s my mid-day time to collect myself, cry it out, talk it out, gather my thoughts, etc. I’ve noticed the change in me since I’ve started this.