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Keep going, even when your days aren’t feeling quite so beautiful

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It has been a day(exhausting, frustrating, irritable) for this mama. Everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong today. I went through every emotion today. I stood firm in God’s promises though. I realized this was only a test to distract me. These are the moments that remind me just how much I’ve grown, mentally and emotionally especially. A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have known how to manage or redirect my energy into positivity. I would have reacted off of emotion and frustration. Today, I appreciate these moments. They bring me to a place of thankfulness. I’m thankful for growth. I use to, and still do pray that God helps me not to react off of distraught and emotion. I wanted to share how I manage to create new energy in the moment of frustration, confusion and irritability.  

Stand firm in God’s promises

The enemy tries to come up against your mind and spirit. His main purpose is to distract you. The enemy wants to make us ineffective. Don’t let him! Block out anything that is not of God. God said it’s already done! Trust that. Continue to aggressively pursue God. He will strengthen you, and give you everything you need to overcome in any battle. 


When I don’t know what to do or say, I pray. When I’m confused or feeling a way, I pray. This is the best time to spend more time with God. Reflect, read and learn more of his word.


I’ve become more and more into saying affirmations out loud. I use to think it was silly, but now it’s become a routine of mine. Some of mine(simple but perfect for me)—life is good, I deserve to be happy, my best is enough, I will honor my needs, I will treat myself with respect, I love all of me, I honor my purpose, I am committed to living a positive and peaceful lifestyle, I can do anything, I seize opportunities and create. Just to name a few. They also change from time to time. 

Focus on my thoughts and words

Positive thinking will change your whole life for the greater good. Practice gratitude. Practice positive self-talk. You have to be aware because just one tiny negative thought or negative vibe can impact your thoughts and vibes. Know when to shut it down. Focus on good things, spend time with positive/funny people and environments, start everyday with a cheerful/thankful heart. 

This is all just a little reminder to keep going, mama. Keep pushing through. Create a new energy that is beautiful.