FYI us SAHM work, too

I’m not sure why, when most people hear “stay at home mom”(SAHM) they automatically envision a mother home all day, cleaning, cooking, lallygagging, doing nothing of importance, etc. It’s honestly a slap in the face. I’ve been getting the “what exactly do you do all day” question more often, so I decided to let you guys in on a few secrets. I personally made the choice to be a SAHM. Is it challenging at times? Yes. Is it also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my children and I? Absolutely. I love being a SAHM. I feel that, during this time (infant/toddler) it is a very critical point for my little loves. For learning, development, growth, experience, etc. I want to experience every bit of it. With saying that, our time is just as valuable as the mom or dad working a 9 to 5. We work, too. Many of us are entrepreneurs and run our businesses around the clock. We have a million and two things to get done, daily. From entrepreneurship, to maintaining the home, to tackling a to-do list and schedule that starts at 5am-midnight (sometimes later) and everything in between—we manage to get it done. Yeah we “mom” all day, but there’s so much more being done behind the scenes that’s never talked about. So what exactly do we SAHM do all day? We do it all. We do everything that needs to get done—and then some. The next time you see a SAHM, tell her she’s doing a wonderful job, smile at her, share some light and positivity. It’ll make her day—I’m sure of it. 

How do I stay sane while being a SAHM? Balance! It’s all about the balance. 

Here’s how this mama does it:

Establish a regular routine 

Get up before your little loves/prepare for the day. This is your “sacred” time. Journal, pray, exercise, get your mind right. Create your to-do list, activities, rest times, etc. Start each day with a positive outlook. Say or write positive affirmations and gratitude statements. 

Honoring your needs 

Practice tons of self-care. Do something for yourself at least twice per week. This will help prevent “mommy burn out”. 

Set emotional boundaries 

Boundaries keep things not meant for you, away. There’s a clear line of what you will and will not except. Setting emotional boundaries, or boundaries of any sort, will reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Mama needs to be healthy emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Take a minute to love on your little love 

When you find yourself on the verge of “mommy burn out”, take a moment to just soak up the best kind of love, hugs and kisses. Learn to be present. 

Stay organized 

I’m probably the most organized mommy. Everything has its own space. From my work space to my little loves closet space. Organization helps my world run smoothly.

Meet a friend 

Set up regular play-dates. Try to get out of the house multiple times per week (especially if your little loves aren’t in school yet). Find a positive and supportive community of moms.