My son will be turning two in four weeks, but I swear he’s already hit terrible twos


Listen, send help! Now! Okay maybe I’m over exaggerating..actually no, I’m not. My son, Nasir is the most energized little person known to man. From the time he wakes up in the morning, to the time he passes out at night. He’s on level ten. Actually level twenty-two. I can’t wait to put him in different sports, activities or anything for that matter, to channel all his energy into. In the meantime, this mama has a few mommy hacks, tips and tricks. 

Let’s get into it:

Cure boredom 

Encourage your little love to try new activities and/or games. Create, read, play, write, etc. Figure out what they enjoy and is fulfilling. 

Don’t reinforce bad behavior 

What works for me is to ignore. Remain calm during a tantrum. Don’t give that behavior any life, and be consistent with doing so. 

Redirect frustration 

Pay attention to your little loves non-verbal cues. Help them to focus on something else like reading or doing an art project. 

Nap time is the best time 

Your little love is less likely to be cranky. Being overtired /completely exhausted will cause your little loves mood to shift. Naps provide needed downtime for growth and rejuvenation. 

Stick to a set schedule (as much as possible)

Yup, I’m that mom. Our household runs on a set schedule. It works for us. Prepare different in-home/outside activities, projects, and outings planned. These will fit into your schedule holes. For example—wake up, brush teeth, wash face, breakfast, morning activity, learning hour, outside play, snack, activity, etc. Of course you can switch it up, but stick to a schedule. 

Encourage their independence 

Crucial mental and physical development occurs in early childhood. Encourage your little love to make choices, identify opportunities, make mistakes, etc. We often tend to forget that toddlers are constantly learning, and that’s the top reason why they’re into everything, all the time. Everything is intriguing to them.