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Why solo or solo-ish nights are important for mommy

Motherhood, WellnessSamantha Gordon5 Comments

Hey mamas! I know, I know! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve checked in or posted. This mama has been super busy. New ventures, new opportunities, new classes for the littles, and I absolutely can not wait to share it all with you, but this post is for us mamas. It’s the weekend! Really, weekends don’t even feel like weekends anymore lol. The great thing though, Friday’s are our movie night. I get my little loves in bed a little earlier than normal, get them a snack and drink, set their movie up, and I sneak off for some mommy soloish time. Now I say soloish because nine times out of ten, I’m just in the other room and one of them will be screaming “mommy” 20 minutes into the movie. Overall these little solo moments are very much needed. It’s an essential part of your self-care routine. Here’s why. 

It’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to something new

Do something you’ve never tried. Eat something you’ve never had, etc. Use this time to explore. 

You get time to tune everything + everyone out

Say NO to technology! Unplug so you can recharge. Spend time doing things that you enjoy. My favorites, enjoying a meal that I don’t have to share, or using the bathroom without interruptions. I know you feel me!

It’s the perfect time to get creative 

I get some of my best ideas, inspiration, content and journaling done during my solo nights. Just tap it to your creative side. 

You’ll be happier and your little love will thank you

Us mamas will sometimes take on more than we should. Hahaha, who am I kidding, we always do. There’s a million and two things to get done each day. Prioritize your solo night/nights. This way you can unwind, recharge and be in great spirits.