Grocery shop like a pro with toddlers

Happy Tuesday! If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram (@samanthaagordon_) stories, then you know I’ve been sharing more of my everyday life being a SAHM. Today I posted while grocery shopping, and said I was going to share how I manage to get my grocery shopping done with two toddlers. The feedback voted yes, so here we are!

Know what you’re shopping for

Grocery list, grocery list, grocery list! This way, you have a game plan. You know exactly what you need, and the time spent in the grocery store will be shorter. 

Sippy cups + snacks 

These two are a must have (for all travel really). Your grocery run will be a lot smoother and fuss-free. 

Pack a small toy or book

This will keep your little one occupied, quiet (sometimes) and meltdown-free throughout your grocery run. 

Add some excitement to your trip

Most grocery stores have kid-friendly rides/carts. They’re usually fire trucks or colorful cars. My little ones look forward to jumping in and going for a ride(so they think lol) 

Make your toddler a shopping partner

Most grocery stores also have mini shopping carts. This will make your little love feel involved. Give them a job (pick out the cereal, loading little things into their cart, etc). Keeping them busy helps significantly.