How I’m strengthening communication with my toddlers

Positive two-way communication is one of the most important tools when parenting. Great communication, positive communication is essential to building trust, respect, growth, understanding of their language, brain development, and self-esteem. Key thing to remember when communicating with your little love is that, they form ideas and beliefs about themselves based on how you communicate with them. Instill greatness in your little love!

Here are some ways I’m strengthening communication with my toddlers:


Positive two-way communication is taking the time to listen to your little love. Listening to your child enables them to feel heard, loved, and worthy.

Being mindful of my tone 

A softer tone is actually more effective, in my opinion. It shows assertiveness. Your little love will make judgements about your behavior and attitude from your tone of voice. 

Going step by step, slowly

Your little love will learn if you teach. Make things simple and plain for them to understand you. This way neither will be irritable or frustrated in the process of communicating. 

Taking a second...or three

We all need moments to refocus and gather ourselves—even our little love. 

Command vs request 

Parenting is also instilling responsibility. Be stern yet respectful when giving an order to do something, and expressing the desire or need of something. Help your little love to know the difference.