Eating out with toddlers—do’s and don’ts

Look! Mama loves to cook, but mama loves a no-cook night just a little bit more. I use to dread going out to restaurants with my little loves. Why, you ask? My son likes to do his own thing. Like, make his own drum set with the utensils on the table, scream at the top of his lungs(for no reason at all), stand up(maybe even try to get on the table top)in his seat and dance. Then I have my daughter on the other hand throwing a fit because her book bag strap is too loose, or she wants a green crayon instead of blue. My anxiety would be through the roof, literally. Toddlers don’t care one bit if they have you looking weak as a unit lol. They’d much rather be home eating chicken nuggets while watching Mickey Mouse. The thing is, they won’t learn restaurant etiquette if you don’t teach them. So here are my do’s and don’ts when dinning out with your little love. 


Pick kid-friendly restaurants 

Choose places that tend to/make kids feel special. (Coloring supplies, etc)

Come prepared 

Tablets come in handy. Bring a mini fruit pouch to hold them over—just in case. 

Call ahead 

Have your table waiting so you can avoid an irritable toddler. 

Try something new 

Order an appetizer to try as a family. 


Have high expectations 

Kids are going to be kids—as they should be. Toddlers need to move. Take your little love for a quick walk before your meal. 

Get overly frustrated 

Learn what works for you and your family. 

Give up on eating out

It’s good to introduce new surroundings and situations to your little love. This teaches social skills and restaurant behavior.