Mommy brain: Invest in rest

Can everyday be like this? I literally had my pajamas on all day. Don’t judge me! What an amazing Saturday this was! Princess is gone for the weekend, so it’s just Nasir and I. We had a full day of relaxation and rest. I originally planned for us to go out, but the weather is so unpredictable. So instead, we ate, watched movies, cuddled, ate some more, took a nap, ate some more, played with toys, took a warm bubble bath and just relaxed. This day was much needed. Not to mention it was absolutely perfect for our mommy-son bonding time. To end the night, ice cream(in bed) and one of Nasir’s favorite movies “STAR”. It’s all about him!

Here’s a few ways to rest, mama:

Catch up on sleep + body awareness

Warm showers + aromatherapy 

Create a zen atmosphere 



Engage in something you enjoy

Enjoy the moment/company