How to be a more patient mama

We want to be the mom who has it all together, but let’s face it, does anyone? Remember mama, you’re not perfect and that’s ok. I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it. Being a mommy is the greatest and hardest job on earth. With that being said...ok so your temper is rising because the kids are driving you up a wall, and you feel like you’re about to snap. Only thing running through your brain is “mama gotta chill or it’s going to be a bad day for all parties involved.” 

The mama gotta chill 101 tips:

Change your tone of voice

It’s so easy to yell, but yelling isn’t effective. You can be gentle and still firm. 

Take a mommy time out 

Inhale + exhale. Use this time to find your happy place. Focus on something cheerful. After calming down then readdress the task at hand. 

Slow down +be present 

Take time out to live in the “child state”. Which brings out your playful side. Most parents operate from an authoritative/responsibility state. You can change the whole vibe just from having a few moments of fun. 

Understand your child 

Put yourself in their shoes. It’s so easy to forget your child’s point of view. 

Adjust your expectations 

Set age-appropriate expectations for your little love. A 2 year old is not at the same developmental stage as a 5 year old. Keep in mind your child’s development stage, physical ability and age. Once you set your age-appropriate expectations, make sure your child understands. Be brief and specific. 

What example are you setting 

Children learn at home first. They watch us and learn what we say and do. Be mindful of the behavior you’re demonstrating.