5 ways I’m helping my children to build confidence

Building self-confidence can begin very early. Each new milestone and skill (learning to walk, brush their own teeth, using utensils on their own, etc) is increasing confidence. As my little loves grow, their self-esteem and confidence grows as well. It’s important to me that I help build their confidence by giving my little loves ample opportunities to master their skills which boosts their confidence. I love seeing their little faces light up after that feeling of “I got this..I can do this.” It’s literally one of the best feelings ever. 

Expose them to different activities + surroundings 

Find different things that peak their interest. You will find that your little love will be proud of what they love to do. Like draw, dance, read, participate in gymnastics or ballet class, etc. 

Let them make mistakes 

Children learn to succeed by overcoming obstacles.  It’s still a little hard for me to stay on the sidelines, but I never want to discourage them from trying their hand again after a mistake. 

Helping others 

I notice that my little loves feel confident when making a difference. For instance, Mckenzie helping Nasir put on his jacket. She’s so proud after doing so. 

Teach “the glass half full” concept

I encourage my little loves to look at the bright side of things, always. 

Problem solving 

Children will figure it out, as long as you give them the opportunity to. It’s important to encourage persistence all the way through.