Mommy brain: terrible twos is ABSOLUTELY a thing!

Let’s just say I’m over the age of two and ready for Mckenzie to turn three. I’m even praying that Nasir skips the terrible twos phase (he’s doing everything his sister does) because lord knows I won’t survive terrible twos again. I’m serious. I have to remind myself that Mckenzie is becoming her own individual while learning to express herself. It’s an important phase in her development. With that being said, everyday sure is filled with surprises! 

How to survive terrible twos 101:

Redirect your energy

Avoid stressful situations 

Stay consistent with disciplinary + don’t give in

Always have an activity + plans to cure boredom

Stick to a schedule that works for you + your family. Like nap time, lunch, play time, etc. 

Stop and count to three..maybe even five

Share some decision making with your little love. “Would you like grapes or strawberries for snack today?” 

Give your little love a little extra TLC when you sense they’re frustrated