Why your brand identity is so important

Happy Monday She E O! Not too many people look forward to Monday’s. I’m one of few who do. Monday’s are for fresh starts and new opportunities. It sets the tone for your whole week ahead. Today, I’m sharing with you why your visual brand identity is so important. Now that my brand is rapidly growing I wanted a specific look to represent me. I had the pleasure of working with Tatiana Soash (@tatianasoach), graphic designer and artist. I gave her my vision of what I wanted my brand to look like visually. She created a mood-board, custom theme for my instagram, and some other cool things for my brand. I can’t wait to share with you guys. How perfect are my new brand colors, and check out my mood-board! Ahhh!!

Your visual brand is you, your story. Telling your story (mood-board photos, family photos, lifestyle, etc) is what sets you apart from any other brand. This is also how you capture the attention of your audience and following. Keep in mind that you want your content and visuals to have purpose. This is how you stay connected and relatable. Some other ways that you can be relatable is using your Instagram stories (my absolute fav), sharing your process of new ventures/sneak peaks. I always try to share my daily activities with my little loves, my favorite products, real life events, and quotes of course, etc. I’m so excited to have you guys on this new revamp journey with me!

Things to keep in mind:

Stay consistent! Stay true to self. This will keep your brand fresh and different.