The potty dance

Potty training is coming along! I have to say, Mckenzie has made this process fairly easy. We’ve accomplished our first few steps of potty training. She doesn’t like “boop” or pee on her butt. That’s what makes this process easy. Mckenzie now tells us when she has to go potty and she’ll say when she’s finished on the potty.

My advice is to keep potty training fun. Potty training your little one can be simple. Here’s how we’re making progress in our home.

Do the potty dance! Her great-grandmother came up with this and it works wonders. After she uses the potty, we dance! Make up your own song to go with the dance. This is something your little one will look forward to. It’s an accomplishment, celebrate!

Does your little one have a special potty? From my experience, it’s easier to teach when your little one has interest. We purchased a Minnie mouse princess potty. Mckenzie knows she has her own special potty, and it makes her want to use it more often.

Mommies, don’t you like cute underclothes? They make you feel cute, right? So do your little ones. Special underwear and pull-ups help with the process. Mckenzie is a total princess. So we got cute princess pull-ups. Her aunt also got her some peppa pig underwear. When she has on a pamper, we’ll put them over. This is to get her in the routine of taking them off and putting them on when going to the potty.

Special rewards and high-fives work for us. When Mckenzie makes a “boop” I make it a point to make a big deal. She wants a high-five from everyone in the house. Special rewards can be a scoop of ice cream, a cookie or a piece of candy. She rarely gets candy so it’s kind of a big deal.

I hope this helps, mommies! xx