Mommy brain: 100 things I’m looking forward to

I have a case of the mommy brain! My mind never stops. Although I’m anxious and I may not be all the way prepared for what’s coming, with mommy hood..I’m so excited! 

Here’s 100 things I absolutely can’t wait to experience with Mckenzie and Nasir.

  1. First day of school

  2. Purchasing first bicycles

  3. First concert

  4. Knowing their favorite color

  5. Knowing their favorite sport to play

  6. Teaching them how to drive

  7. Buying Mckenzie’s first bra

  8. Nasir’s first haircut

  9. First day of high school

  10. Prom

  11. High school graduation

  12. Knowing their favorite season

  13. Visiting colleges

  14. Their first crush

  15. First baseball game

  16. First basketball game

  17. First dates

  18. College graduation

  19. Opening their own bank accounts

  20. Purchasing their first car

  21. Attending their first opera

  22. 10th Birthday’s

  23. Becoming a teenager

  24. Their first award ceremony

  25. Buying their first cell phone

  26. Our first mom-child argument

  27. Their first love

  28. What instruments they’ll play

  29. Their favorite games to play

  30. Our first family vacation

  31. Hear what Nasir’s voice will sound like

  32. Nasir’s final height

  33. Our first experience at the movie theater

  34. Our first roller coaster ride

  35. Meeting the Easter bunny

  36. Their first school dance

  37. Meeting a celebrity

  38. Knowing what countries they’re interested in visiting

  39. What foods they dislike

  40. Their career interests

  41. First airplane ride

  42. First hiking trip

  43. First fishing trip

  44. Senior pictures

  45. Our first family cruise

  46. Visit Disney world

  47. Our first cooking class

  48. Mckenzie and I first Starbucks date

  49. Our first road trip

  50. Our first ski trip

  51. Visiting Statue of Liberty

  52. First jobs

  53. Mckenzie’s first hair salon appointment

  54. Nasir’s first game

  55. Our first scavenger hunt

  56. First spa day

  57. First science experiment

  58. Learn how to fly a kite

  59. First dance/ballet class

  60. First dentist appointment

  61. Our first picnic

  62. Our first train ride

  63. Building a club house

  64. 18th Birthday parties

  65. 21st Birthday parties

  66. Finding out who’s the better cook between the two

  67. Finding out who’s the better dancer between the two

  68. Their first trip to the beach

  69. Their first trip to NYC

  70. Taking horseback riding lessons

  71. Know their favorite holiday

  72. Having “the talk”

  73. Our first trip to the aquarium

  74. Our first trip to a museum

  75. First time bowling

  76. First time eating something out of our comfort zone

  77. Visiting the White House

  78. Collecting shells at the beach

  79. Knowing their favorite subjects in school

  80. Taking Nasir to his first monster jam

  81. Losing their first tooth

  82. Visit the monument

  83. Have our first water balloon fight

  84. Taking a mommy+me yoga class

  85. Our first trip to the library

  86. Playing hide and seek

  87. Building a sandcastle at the beach

  88. Going zip lining

  89. Going roller-skating

  90. Making s’mores

  91. Going on their first field trip

  92. Attending their first recital

  93. Watching the sunset/sunrise for the first time

  94. Teaching them how to hula hoop

  95. Helping them with their first homework assignment

  96. Getting their face painted

  97. Going to a carnival

  98. Teaching them how to eat crabs

  99. Taking them to a five-star restaurant

  100. Going on a ferris wheel for the first time (I’ve never been on one either)