Early exposure to reading and writing

One of my jobs being a mommy is to set the foundation to my children’s education. It’s so important to me that I expose my little ones to reading and writing at an early age. Exposing your little ones to reading and writing as young as possible will help their development. 

In my opinion, It’s never too early to learn. We were reading and talking to our little ones in the womb. We haven’t stopped yet. By doing so, it expands their understanding, imagination, and language. Exposing and motivating your little ones to read and write at an early age, is just as important as when they’re in grade school.

These are some tips that work for my little ones:


We’ve been fortunate enough to have all types of books for our little ones. Let them choose their book of the day. This makes it fun! Also, exploring different forms of reading like cooking magazines. Mckenzie loves looking at the pictures of food. (So does mommy)

Match what peaks their interest 

My little ones are into different animals, numbers and colors right now. Books that revolve around those things keep them intrigued.

Get involved 

Children often want to do whatever they see mommy or daddy doing. Role model! Read to and with them. Have your little one read to you as well.

Make reading and writing a habit 

Set a special time everyday just for reading and writing. This way your little one will look forward to it.

Personalized notebook

Let your little one choose and decorate a special notebook. Use this to practice letters, numbers, etc everyday.