Developing good hydration habits

Caring for a child with sickle-cell is challenging and especially because of this I’m always learning how I can improve my mommy skills per-say. I’m always excited to share my home remedies and simple precautions that will help you. 

Children’s bodies don’t cool down as efficiently compared to adults. This causes children to be much more prone to dehydration. Are you keeping track of your little ones daily liquid intake? Get in the habit of having frequent beverage breaks. Having your little ones drink liquids regularly is key.

If your child is of age to play sports or activities—never wait for them to ask you for beverages. Studies show by that time, they are already dehydrated. Studies also show that if your child has a sports activity coming up, you should start hydrating your little one the night before.

Here are my home remedies and simple precautions to keep my little ones hydrated:

Flavored water is always a good idea. I’ve started making different flavored water for the kids and I, and they love it.

Flavored ice. Mckenzie is the queen of ice eating. Simply make your flavored water, let it sit for an hour, and pour water into ice trays to freeze.

Pedialyte popsicles. What kid doesn’t like popsicles? Give your little one a popsicle after dinner or while enjoying outside play. You can purchase Pedialyte popsicles at any local grocery store.

The special cup. Target is my go-to for purchasing our special cups. I find that special cups, plates, and utensils make my little ones more excited. Water in a Peppa pig or Minnie Mouse cup makes all the difference.

Pack extra. I always pack extra bottled water and organic juice boxes. Offer a beverage with all foods and snacks.

Water-volume foods. I can never leave the house without snacks. Pack snacks like watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, cucumber and celery sticks. If it’s hard to always get your little ones to drink their water, have them eat their water. About 20% of our daily water intake comes from solid foods.

Throw in a straw. My great-grandmother started putting a straw in cups for me when I was little, and now does it with Mckenzie, trust me it works! Kids love straws! Now we have to keep a pack of straws at my great-grandmothers house and our house. You can get fun colored and crazy straws from Amazon.