Babies and growth spurts

I always thought growth spurts came around pre-teen/ teenage years. My son is living proof that at 10 months, growth spurts are a thing. 

Now, clearly I’m prepared for Nasir to be very tall when he’s older—his father is 6”6. I was not prepared for him having growth spurts before age one. Let me paint you a little picture. My daughter, Mckenzie will be two next month and Nasir is almost at her weight and height.

If you guys know me or have been keeping up with my blog, you know I’m the worry-bug mom. First thing you think about is—are you overfeeding your little one? I’ve read and spoke with his pediatrician, he’s growing and gaining just how he’s suppose to. He’s the perfect, healthiest little boy. Leave it to mommy to worry for nothing. He’s just going through a growth spurt.

Signs that your little one is having growth spurts…

Baby is constantly hungry. 

I’ve always had Nasir on a feeding schedule but lately it’s like he’s never satisfied. What’s been working for us is fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, and whole wheat chips. They seem to hold him over a bit more. Also, keep your little ones busy. When doing activities or playing, their minds are focused on exploring and not eating.

Babies sleep pattern is off. 

When going through growth spurts babies either sleep more or sleep less. Nasir sleeps less. He literally takes cat naps. Sleep plays a vital role in the production of the primary growth hormone. Warm baths and rub downs always work for us. Sooth your little one for a great nights rest.

Baby is very fussy. 

If your little one isn’t getting the proper amount of sleep, expect an irritable baby. Give your little one some extra love and comfort. It’ll relax the both of you.

You got this mama, this growth spurt too shall pass.