Avoiding common accidents

Yup, I admit that I’m the paranoid, overly protective mommy. If I could put my little ones in a bubble for life, I’d do just that. Although it drains all life out of you, it’s completely normal for your babies to get into everything. I mean how else will they make discoveries? 

Want to protect your little one from common accidents? Here are 5 common accidents we often don’t think about, and how we can avoid them.

Watch out for small items 

I feel like I say “take that out your mouth!” at least 200 times a day. Nasir definitely keeps me on my toes. Studies show that your little one explores the world by taste and touch. That explains a lot, right? This is why we must go the extra mile to beware of small items. Tiny toy pieces and coins for example. To avoid choking, it’s always a great idea to get age appropriate toys, as well as to sweep and vacuum daily.


I’ve read so many stories on babies and toddlers drowning when it could’ve easily been prevented. My little ones love bath time. Most of the time an extra five minutes turns into thirty. You should know that someone can drown in very little water, and it takes a short amount of time. Death from drowning takes minimum three minutes! Children should never be unattended. We don’t have a pool yet, but our swimming pool will be gated and locked.


I myself am guilty of cuddling and falling asleep with my little ones. What if you were to roll over on your baby? This too can be a hazard. To avoid your little ones suffocating, be aware of heavy blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.


Does your little one love to climb? Mckenzie will climb onto anything, literally! Couches, beds, coffee tables, stairs, just about anything you can think of—Mckenzie sees them and must automatically think jungle gym. Be aware of sharp corners and non-secure items that could fall on your little one. Stair gates are always a great idea. You don’t want any injuries from falling.

Household cleaning products 

It takes only seconds for your little one to get into something. Poison control is extremely important. Cleaning products should be out of reach and locked away. For your reference, here’s the poison control number. (800) 222-1222.