10 activities I do with my one year old

Nasir is taking steps but not quite walking yet. Being that my children are so close in age, Nasir wants to do everything Mckenzie does. Nasir never wants my help , but he is at an age where he needs a little assistance and everything still goes in his mouth. 

It can be a challenge finding activities to do with your one and under child. You want them to still feel independent but enjoy activities. Here’s some of our favorite activities.

Water play 

Gather your little loves favorite water toys. Especially during bath time.

Sensory play

Toys that are interactive. They make music and your little one can push and pull on them.

Make music 

Nasir’s new favorite toy, a xylophone.

Finger paint

Washable of course! We love to get messy.

Play catch

Nasir is into anything sports. He loves rolling and throwing his mini soccer ball/basketball.

Movies and chill

One of our all-time favorite mommy-son time activities is to watch movies and eat goldfish. His favorite movie right now is Meet the Robinson’s.

Clap and dance

Nasir will dance anywhere, anytime! He loves music.


We’ve got books galore and get good use out of them. I suggest indestructible baby books. I also pack a book whenever we leave the house. It keeps Nasir entertained.


We love blocks! Best thing you can invest in.

Baby massage

Before nap/bedtime I give both my children massages. It’s great for bonding and relaxing your little one. They learn body awareness also.