How I use my weekends to recharge

I’m still getting in the groove of being back home—when really, I wish I was laying out on the beach with a slice of pizza in my right hand and a drink in my left. Welp, this mama is back to reality. I am pretty excited to get back to work though. I have so many great things to prepare for. With that being said, this weekend is all about recharging and refreshing. In every aspect. 

My top tips to recharge this weekend:

Order + organization 

This is a must for me. It’s hard for me to function and focus when things are out of order. Something as simple as organizing your work space, your bedroom, your closets, etc, can reset you mind and body. Order and organization in your home and life is important. 

Be unavailable 

I’m learning to not stretch myself too thin. I’m cool with doing absolutely nothing when I can—since it’s not too often that I’m able to. 

Self clarification 

I use my weekend down time to focus on what I need. Whether it be work related, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. 

Emotional boost

I’m very family oriented. Bonding with my little loves and family makes me feel good. It’s like a break from the world. Spend time with those who make you feel good. Do something you enjoy. 

Unplug from social media + electronics 

I’ve been getting better with this. I use social media more intentionally/calculated. I use social media to promote, sale, connect and network. I set hours to unplug from all social media. I substitute this time to either do something creative, productive, enjoy the quiet, etc. 

Brain break

Sometimes it seems as if my brain never stops. Weekends should be mostly about giving your brain a break. (It’s extremely hard for me) I have to keep reminding myself that’s the quickest way to burnout. If you burnout, you’re no good for you, your work, or those around you. Brain breaks are necessary.