Hey! It’s me, samantha.

since we’re on the subject of me...

Mama and entrepreneur. I create, I write, I design. I give the best vibes and feels. My vibe is a product of my heart. I love God! I love beautiful things—from floral, art, words, aesthetic to everything in between. I’m a sucker for a pretty cocktail and an amazing view. Also a sucker for wet baby kisses and snuggles.

Being a mother is always my first priority. I’m into sharing my discoveries with other women/modern mamas like myself. Hence, why I started my lifestyle blog. I’ve been on this journey of finding myself in motherhood. Motherhood requires a new self love journey. Each post that I write is focused on a specific aspect in my life as a woman, and the journey I’m on since becoming a mother and entrepreneur. I pray that you will be inspired, find joy and relaxation while visiting my little online space.

Cheers to mommy hood!